Infographics are a powerful visual storytelling tool, but putting them together can be challenging. There’s an overwhelming amount of information and it needs to be conveyed to the designers in a clear and structured way. Thus, the key is crafting a meticulous infographic design brief.

Below, we have shared the design brief that we have been using for over 5 years. Needless to say, it works like a charm. It has helped us create exceptional designs tailored to our clients’ needs and expectations. Now it’s your turn to use this brief and create stunning infographics.

Infographic Design Brief Template

We have divided the entire brief into various sections for clarity. You can also download this infographic design brief template here:

Basic Information

1. Project Title

[What is the title of the infographic project?]

2. Overview

[What is the objective of this infographic? What would you want it to achieve?]

3. Target Audience

[Who is the infographic intended for? Add their demographics, interests, etc.]

Content Related

4. Data/Information to Include

[Add a document or PDF that contains all the content with data points, facts, and other information that needs to be included in the infographic]

Design Style Preferences

5. Color Scheme

[What are the primary and secondary brand colors that we need to use in the infographic?]

6. Typography

[Are there specific fonts and sizes for headings, subheadings, and body text?]

7. Visual Style

[Describe your desired style, e.g., modern, minimalist, illustrative, etc.]

Design Specifications

8. Size

[What are the dimensions or size specifications?]

9. Format

[What are the preferred file formats (e.g., PNG, JPEG, PDF)?]

10. Media Type

[Are you planning to use this infographic for print or web purposes?]

Branding Guidelines

11. Logo

[Where and how large should the company logo appear?]

12. Other Branding Elements

[Are there any other branding or design elements to be incorporated (e.g., icons, charts, illustrations, etc.)?]

Additional Notes

13. References

[Are there any other infographic examples or inspirations to guide the design process]

14. Additional Information

[Add any other relevant information, ideas, or requirements not covered in the brief]

Summing Up: Infographic Design Brief

This infographic design brief template works for every niche. However, you can customize it according to your specific industry, audience, and project requirements to maximize its effectiveness.

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