There’s an influx of new products in the market, and the key to standing out on the shelf lies in your packaging. It’s no longer just about protecting the product; it’s about creating a strong impression right from the first glance.

Sounds overwhelming?

How about we explore a few great examples of creative packaging designs that have already made their mark in the market? These innovative designs will surely offer you inspiration and insight into how you can elevate your product’s packaging and set your brand apart from the competition.

1. Meow Meow Tweet

Meow Meow Tweet’s packaging can be described perfectly with their philosophy of “more cats, less trash.” It’s plastic-negative and visually appealing. You’ll be immediately drawn to the neutral colors, simplistic fonts, and fine-line cat illustrations that adorn each product.

In short, it’s simplicity + sustainability = perfection.

2. Da Bomb

Apart from the fun designs of the bath bombs themselves, Da Bomb takes creativity to the next level with the patented clamshell packaging. It changes to always match the unique personality of the bath bombs; yet it never fails to reinforce the brand’s identity.

3. Happy Socks

Happy Socks

Happy Socks is a brand renowned for its playful and colorful identity, which is perfectly reflected in their packaging. Each box is uniquely designed in either unconventional shapes or with vibrant patterns and illustrations. This not only sets them apart but also leaves a lasting impression on the customers.

4. Wholly Veggie!

Just like the products, Wholly Veggie’s packaging is also something new and refreshing. It features bold typography, with the brand name in the front and center. However, there’s a unique twist where the “O” of Wholly turns into a plate that serves the delicious goodness inside.

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5. TonyMoly


Instead of a typically rectangular sheet mask packaging, TonyMoly introduced a refreshing twist. Their packaging features an image of the main ingredient on the top of each sachet, and the color and shape are also uniquely tailored to each design.

So whether you choose lemon, pumpkin, or red wine, there’s a delightful and memorable experience awaiting.

6. Halo Top

Halo Top

If transparency is one of your brand values, then you’ll be inspired by the packaging of Halo Top ice creams. It gives you all the information about the key nutritional aspects, such as calorie count and protein content upfront. It also doesn’t fail to entice our taste buds with delicious imagery and vibrant colors.

7. Best Nuts

Packaging Design Ideas

When talking about packaging designs, who can we forget the infamous nut packaging by Hrum Hrum. This iconic design was bold and unconventional. It stood out from the traditional, mundane packaging of nuts we have commonly seen on store shelves.

8. LoveNoobs


The visual identity of LoveNoobs is inspired by the double ‘oo’ within the name. It’s perfectly captured in their packaging design, where the ‘oo’ represents the wide eyes of a newborn. The products are placed in the design to either become the nose, mouth, or playful accessories, creating a whimsical aesthetic.

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9. Monday


Instead of vibrant and complementary colors that often dominate product packaging, Monday Haircare takes a different monochrome approach. Their sleek and sophisticated design stands out with a minimalist color palette that includes the signature salmon pink packaging.

Even the labeling on their bottles is screen-printed directly onto the surface. This means there are no sticky plastic labels, which not only enhances the luxurious aesthetic but also ensures that the bottle is 100% recyclable.

10. Jinx


This is an example of a packaging design by Jinx that perfectly describes the product. You can see the product is sprinkled on the actual dog food, providing a clear visual representation of how it should be used and its intended purpose. Plus, the colors and text further enhance the appeal of the product.

11. Billie


Another minimalist packaging design comes from a personal care brand called Billie. It incorporates pastel hues and clean lines to create a sleek and modern aesthetic that stands out on store shelves. Their different products are even color-coded to make it easy for customers to identify and select the ones that suit their needs.

12. NovaFerrum


Yum! WOW! POW! Different words on each packaging with unique color combinations surely sets Nova Ferrum apart from their competitors. Their identity creates an energetic visual experience where each word and color evokes a specific feeling or emotion.

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13. Everist


Simple, functional, and sustainable – Everist packaging embodies everything consumers seek in eco-conscious personal care products. These come in recyclable aluminum tubes with a solid white background and a large typeface. It’s so straightforward that you cannot resist the appeal.

14. Alani


Alani’s packaging goes perfectly with the brand’s vibrant and playful identity. You’d find yourself reaching for a can wherever you go, whether it’s powering through an intense gym session or tackling your daily errands.

15. Scoop It Up

Packaging Design

This is a delightful creation from our design portfolio. Scoop It Up’s ice cream packaging boasts a unique and vibrant color-coded design that perfectly complements its flavor profile. It features the product image in front and center with minimal text and a modern logo. This is nothing short of a visual feast for the eyes.

Summing Up: Best Packaging Design Ideas

Investing in professional packaging design is crucial, especially for new brands who want to establish their presence in the competitive market. A well-crafted packaging will not only attract more customers but it’ll also communicate the brand’s values and product attributes.

If you’re ready to start creating the perfect packaging design for your product, our team is here to help! Sign up for our unlimited graphic design services today and let’s get started with bringing your vision to life.

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