The holiday season is right around the corner and it’s time to amp up your holiday marketing strategies.

And let me remind you, this year it’s all going to be different.

The last 2 years weren’t easy for any of us so we are definitely looking forward to the holidays.

And since COVID is still here and spreading like wildfire, people are being cautious by doing most of their shopping online.

So have you optimized your holiday marketing strategies yet?

I’ll help you look out for some pointers in this post.

Best Holiday Marketing Strategies

  1. Change Your Popups
  2. Set up Gifts Pages
  3. Use Holiday Keywords
  4. Create Festive Related Content
  5. Change Social Media Theme
  6. Review Basic SEO

Let’s dive into some details about these holiday marketing strategies…

1. Change Your Popups

Big companies change up their whole website design as a part of their holiday marketing strategies. Modifying the logos to celebrate seasonal holidays and festivals have also become a common practice. Google is well known for this.

But this can be a little expensive for a small company. What you can do is add a few seasonal graphics to your blog, website, or email to celebrate the holidays.

Popups are one way to add a festive touch to your website. And you won’t even need any professional help with this.

You can customize your popups using any online photo editing tool like Canva or try a website like Socital. This site lets you add seasonal pop-ups to your website, like this one:

Holiday Marketing Strategies

2. Set Up Gift Pages

This is another common practice among eCommerce stores to increase profitability during the festive season. And it’s super easy to do too.

See how Target does it:

Holiday Marketing Strategies

They have made holiday gift guides and also divided their existing products into categories like gifts for her, gifts for him, gifts for your parents, gifts for your children, etc.

If you don’t have the time and resources to separate these, you can also make just one page and add all your best-selling products from every category.

3. Use Holiday Keywords

Holiday or seasonal keywords are very popular. You can find these keywords from tools like Ahref or SEMrush. Search for terms that your consumers would be searching for during the seasonal purchases.

Holiday Marketing Strategies

Although you should avoid using them on your existing product or landing pages as they can distract from your efforts to reach your long-term SEO goals.

But you can add these keywords to your gifts pages to get highly relevant traffic for a short period of time.

4. Create Festive Related Content

Another way of using these keywords is to create festive content like this article. Such guides are good to engage with shoppers, generating leads, and bringing in customers.

You can create articles or even a round-up post like “10 Best Things to Gift Your Mom”. Then you can promote these guides on your social media channels and on your email list.

Holiday Marketing Strategies

5. Change Social Media Theme

Every brand and every consumer uses social media. This is an amazing place to explore new opportunities and create brand awareness.

Changing the theme of the whole website might be too much effort. But you can definitely change your social media theme.

For example, Starbucks has started promoting its holiday special drinks and cups on its timeline. It all looks so Christmassy!

Holiday Marketing Strategies

This is a good way to show your clients you go brand beyond marketing and sales. Remember to use relevant hashtags like #christmas2021, #christmasgifts, #holidaydecor, etc to attract more audience or to go viral.

6. Review Basic SEO

The festive time can be busy for businesses. Even though you have to work on attracting new customers or providing awesome service to existing ones, don’t forget about your basic SEO.

Here are a few technical things to keep in mind:

  • Optimize page speed
  • Resolve all 404 errors
  • Fix 301 redirects on broken links
  • Check your server for high load traffic
  • Cross-check if your SSL and HTTPS aren’t about to expire

Google always gives priority to sites with good Technical SEO.

Summing Up: The Best Holiday Marketing Strategies

A lot of small brands don’t do too much during the festive season as they feel it is only a short time gain. But these holiday marketing strategies can give you great visibility, traffic, and revenue.

Getting together a holiday marketing strategy will get you the best organic reach and engagement during festive times.

Start planning now, keep your customers in mind during every decision you make and don’t forget about establishing lifetime value with your brand.

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